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Sunny Egypt - Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
Q: When is the best time to travel to Egypt?

A: Although Egypt is a year long destination; the best time to travel is between September to May.
Q: What documents are necessary to visit Egypt and to obtain a visa?

A: You need a passport valid for at least six months to obtain a visa. Visas are available upon arrival for 30 days to nationals from the following countries: Australian, United Kingdom, Canada, China & New Zealand. All other nationalities will have to apply for a visa from your local Egyptian Embassy before your arrival in Egypt. Visas are currently US $15 - $20
Q: Is a multiple entry visa required for travel from Egypt to Jordan and back to Egypt?

A: Yes.
Q: I was wondering what the restrictions for bringing in alcohol to the Egypt is? What is the legal drinking age in Egypt?

A: 21 Years Old and Individuals may bring in up to two liters.
Q. I wish to drive my car into Egypt. What is required to do this?

A. Unfortunately this cannot be done. Some cars may be ferried in, but in general, you should not plan on bringing your car into Egypt. Once there, you may rent a car, but in many instances I cannot even advise you to do that. Particularly in Cairo, it is much safer to take a cab, due to the driving habits of most people in Cairo.
Q: What type of vehicles do you use on your tours?

A: All of our vehicles are air-conditioned and range from Private Cars, Buses and Trains.
Q: The areas I want to see are not in your itinerary.

A: Egypt has many attractions. Please let us know what you have in mind and we can create a custom itinerary for you.
Q: What kind of guides do you use?

A: All of Sunny Egypt’s guides have an academic background in Egyptology, are fluent in English, and are certified by the Egyptian government
Q: Am I going to have a chance to get some shopping in Egypt?

A: Egypt’s famous Khan-al-Khalili bazaar in Cairo is cavernous and full of unusual and everyday objects however along the way you will find Souks and bazaars other towns, too. Top buys include – perfume, jewellery carpets and rugs in myriad hand loomed designs, backgammon boards, handcrafted sheesha pipes, pharaonic objects fashioned in marble and alabaster, Egyptian cotton and clothing and of course – authentic papyrus.
Q: How much is the suggested tipping?

A: Tour escort or Coordinator; $6 to $8 per person per day Driver (Provides chauffeur services and limited assistance with luggage) : $3 per person per day River Cruises: $3 - $5 per person per day.
Private car tours: $12 to $16 per person per day for each day of sightseeing. Group tour: $2 - $4 per person per day

Porter: $1.00 per bag per person.
Wait staff: $1.50 per person (dinner).
Chamber maid: $1.00 per person per day.
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