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The saying goes “Egypt is the Nile and the Nile is Egypt” But there is much to it.
Egypt is the cradle of the civilization that represents one of the world’s largest recorded histories which is visible through the Pharaonic, Greco-Roman, Coptic and Islamic monuments throughout the country. Today Egypt has much more to offer than monuments.

Sunny Egypt will show you the real Egypt, come with us and you will discover the rich and colorful history culture and geography of an ancient country, we will take you to the places a that are of special interest to you., we will introduce you to the traditional customs and life style of local Egyptian.
Egypt is famous for its history, culture and Pyramids but we have much more to offer its visitors. In addition to visiting the ancient sites we can arrange anything from windsurfing on the Red Sea to camping in the desert. Offering: Nile cruise, honey moon package, Red Sea diving, desert safari trips, quick trip, budget package tours of Egypt and hotel reservations.

“Egypt is our home and we know it well”

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